Founded by industry veterans of cloud, security, and network technology with over 25 years of experience,  OnShare was created as a secure cloud service for those who need the extra assurance of a secure environment for their teams and customers to use.

The continued and exciting growth of cloud technologies has allowed for amazing advancements in productivity and collaboration and its something we love and enjoy ourselves.

The proliferation of mobile devices, and fast low cost Internet access is allowing for nearly ubiquitous access to the information you need 24×7.

Security of that data however at times has taken a back seat to functionality and ease of use. Even more disturbing is the lack of knowledge where your company data even resides, who uses it, and the ever expanding use of “Shadow IT”.  End users will setup, store, and access sensitive information you may not even know is being stored in cloud services or shared with outside entities, sometimes even using personal accounts for company use.

OnShare is the HIPAA compliant secure cloud file sharing/storage and team collaboration service that allows you to keep your data safe and available, while being secure and compliant. No guessing or wondering as we provide a secure and encrypted service that meets and or exceeds all of your requirements for secure file storage and access. Additionally, we will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with our customers who use the service so you are not left guessing.

OnShare is a service of OnPrem Inc who also provides private cloud locally hosted services for those who choose to host their collaboration and file sharing tools inside their four walls.

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